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Commodity Trading

Coal Imports: Given the present trend of the Indian market to import coal for the thermal and cement plants, ESQUIRE SHIPPING & TRADING Pvt. Ltd. further diversified, to keep pace with the market trends. It started handling and transportation of coal.

ESQUIRE SHIPPING & TRADING Pvt. Ltd. successfully handled and transported 1,50,000 tonnes of steam coal in the ports of Gujrat in the second half of 1997 for the various cement plants in Rajasthan. A major contract was bagged to supply 3,00,000 tonnes of steam coal to MSEB's thermal power plant in 1997.

We are agents for several companies for handling its coal supplies to various consumers in the country. With the proliferation of a new wave across the nation for use of imported steam coal for heat generation, coupled with increasing demand, the company decided to develop a new infrastructure in the vicinity of major users of steam coal. This facility will be capable of handling 2-3 million tonnes per annum and 10,000 tonnes every day.

Steel Scrap Imports: We added another feature to our cap in performing unique activities. The company took over a new venture to bring Cape size vessel to Mumbai harbour with part load of steel scrap and discharge the same by floating a crane in mid-stream - an activity which was never carried out in any part of the country in enclosed waters.


Commodity Handling

In the year 1995-96 due to heavy congestion in all the major and minor Indian ports, ESQUIRE SHIPPING & TRADING Pvt. Ltd. took over the responsibility of easing the situation by launching a new minor port of Jakhau (Kutch), developing it and making it appropriate for handling wheat exports.

ESQUIRE SHIPPING & TRADING Pvt. Ltd. went into an agreement with some companies to export 1,00,000 mt. tonnes of wheat to various countries. It successfully executed the contract of wheat and wheat flour exports.

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